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Superb Concrete & Building Construction

A Little About
Superb Concrete & Building Construction

Superb Concrete & Building Construction is a concrete and construction company based out of Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, and has been servicing most of Northern Alberta’s Lakeland Region since 2006.

In mid 2016 they were on the verge of closing their doors for good due to the crash of oil prices. The Cold Lake areas economy depends heavily on the oil industry. So when oil was booming, Superb and a number of other concrete and construction companies were booming as well. There was plenty of work to go around!

But when the price of oil crashed, construction came to a halt. Every construction company in the area started to feel the pinch including Superb. But hopeful that oil prices would rise again, everybody stuck it out and competed for the little bit of work that was available.

At the time Superb didn’t have anything in the way of digital marketing in place other than a Facebook Page and couple of horribly designed websites that were “kept a secret”. But Blake knew that in order for Superb to come out on top of their competition they had to come up with a digital marketing game plan.

Superb Concrete & Building Construction came to Bulldog Web Solutions and gave us full control of their web design, SEO, copywriting, Google Business listing, citation building and more…. They went out on a limb and trusted that we could help them turn their business around.

Fast forward 2 years and Superb Concrete & Building Construction is no longer wondering where their next job is coming from. They have a steady flow of leads and projects rolling in through their website and Google Business listing. And as far as their competition goes, the vast majority of them did not weather the storm.

Scope Of Work

Web Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Google My Business Set Up

Twitter Account Set Up

Copywriting for Website

Citation Building

Website Maintenance & Security

Client Testimonial

Amazing website designing service. I used Bulldog for my company’s website and have since generated a ton of business. Chris knows what he is doing and how to advertise and promote businesses. Hands down the best!!!

Blake VillecourtOwner, Superb Concrete & Building Construction

A Website Design That Represents Their Brand And Converts Visitors Into Red Hot Leads

In the past, Superb was approached by other so called “web design companies” that had built them websites, but they had done such a horrible job that Blake was too embarrassed to share the websites with anyone. He did not want to represent his business with a poor quality website.

Superb Concrete & Building Construction wanted a website design that represented their brand and showcased the fine quality work that their team turns out. But overall looks was not enough for Superb, their website had to act like an online selling machine and convert visitors into leads that wanted to work with Blake and his team.

A Results Driven SEO Plan That Put Them One Step Ahead Of Their Competition

At the time that Superb Concrete & Building Construction approached us about doing their search engine optimization their business was not visible anywhere online other than Facebook. The websites that were built for them in the past did not perform well in Google’s search results. Nor did the owner of Superb Concrete want them to!

The majority of the search phrases Superb wanted to rank for on Google were currently being dominated by… get this… “Blake’s archenemy”, his ex business partner. These dynamics made doing SEO for Superb a little more exciting. It was like going to war and we assured Blake that we would help him crush his competition and take over the Google search results that were rightfully Superb’s

Spoiler Alert: Needless to say, with our SEO plan we crushed his archenemy and knocked him out of every search result Blake wanted to rank for.

Here are a handful of the many Google search results we were able to dominate for Superb Concrete & Building Construction.

Best Concrete Finisher in Cold Lake

Cold Lake Garage Builders

Cold Lake Concrete Contractor

Concrete Services Cold Lake

Cold Lake Driveway Installer

Decorative Concrete Cold Lake

Cold Lake Concrete Finishers

Stamped Concrete Bonnyville

Let’s Have A Look At The Numbers Provided By Google

Click Through Rate The percentage of Google users who click on your website URLs from a Google Search results page, not including clicks on paid Google Ads search results.




Industry Average

Bounce Rate – Bounce rate is a term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.




Industry Average

Pages per Session the average number of pages viewed during a session on your website. More pages per session means that users are more engaged and exploring more of your site.


Industry Average

Users From Google Search Results

New Local Website Users

Leads From Website Contact Forms

New Leads Who Called From Website

New Calls From GMB Listing

**All statistics provided above are current as of April 8, 2019.

Are You Ready To Crush Your Competition?

Are You Ready To Crush Your Competition?