About Bulldog Web Solutions

Our Mission

Bulldog Web Solutions was developed with one goal in mind –  to provide small and medium sized businesses with high quality digital marketing services that’ll help their business stay one step ahead of their competition!

Working With Us

When you work with Bulldog Web Solutions you can focus on what you know best as a business owner. We understand that time is money, which means you don’t have time to stay up to date with all of the latest digital marketing trends and techniques. Our services leave you with the time to run your business while we handle the rest!

Bulldog Web Solutions takes your business seriously and that is why you can always expect to get top quality results. We strive to put your business one step ahead of your competition. And we don’t feel that our job is complete until we have achieved that goal.

Meet The Man Behind

Bulldog Web Solutions

Chris Barmby

Chris Barmby

Founder & CEO - Bulldog Web Solutions

Chris was first introduced to the world of digital marketing back in 2008 when he started his first internet business. Ever since he has become very passionate about learning how to become the best digital marketer he can. Chris loves immersing himself in the newest trends and techniques in the digital marketing world.

Over the years, Chris has learned how to get highly targeted visitors from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo by implementing powerful SEO strategies. He has also learned how to convert those targeted visitors into leads, customers and sales with strong copywriting techniques.

Chris has designed websites in various niches that have generated big companies like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, JVZoo and Google massive amounts of traffic and sales.

A couple years ago Chris was chatting with a friend who was on the verge of closing the doors to his struggling construction company. Which got Chris thinking, why couldn’t he use his digital marketing skills to help small businesses get more leads, customers and sales online.

The first small business that Chris helped was of course his friends construction company and the results were amazing. Chris was able to help his friend turn his business around to the point that he is probably the busiest construction company in his city now.

And that’s is when Bulldog Web Solutions was born… Chris saw how his expertise could help small and medium sized businesses reach new heights and how big of an impact that makes for the owners and families of these businesses.